The performance of your refrigerator and freezer are dependent on the ability of the coils to disperse the heat pulled out of the cooling compartments. Over time dust builds up in the coils and it acts like insulation around the coil. This holds the heat in the coil reducing the unit’s ability to cool. The solution is to vacuum the coils frequently. You may find that the hose on your vacuum is too short or to wide to reach into the tight places under the fridge. You can improve your reach and the efficiency of your fridge by taking an old cardboard tube from a roll of wrapping paper. Tape it to the end of your vacuum hose so you have a nice tight seal. Then flatten the cardboard tube just enough to fit in the tight spots and vacuum away. Once the dust is gone the unit will disperse the heat more quickly making the fridge more efficient. If you would like to see this and other tips please visit us at Ask John and