Every year some part of the country is in a drought. Here are some simple ideas, if practiced consistently, save a lot of water. Use the water from your dehumidifier to water plants. When you start the water for your bath or shower save the cold water that comes out of the faucet first.  Use it for watering flowers or to fill the tank after you flush the toilet. Turn the water off while you brush your teeth.  That will save about 4 gallons per minute. Don’t let the water run continuously while you shave. In the shower, turn off the water while you wash your hair and while you soap up your body.  Turn it back on to rinse off. Purchase a re-circulating pump for your water heater.  Units with timers are available and can be set to cycle water before you start your morning showers.  This will eliminate the need to run the shower to get the water hot. Let the water you use to boil things cool and use it for your plants.  Thanks for visiting Ask John and Dave.com.