When something happens to your roof and you need to replace just a few shingles, matching the color can be difficult or impossible. A good practice is to save a bundle or two of shingles when you have your house re-roofed so you have them for such occasions. However, even if you have the same color that was put on the house, over time the shingles on the roof have faded. When faced with this scenario consider taking shingles off of the back or side of your house where they are less likely to be noticed. Use these shingles to do patchwork on the front of your house and then replace the shingles taken from the back or side with a color that is as close to a match as possible. This will ensure that you always have the maximum curb appeal after a shingle patch job. This may not be a job for the average Do it yourselfer so be sure to get the help you need from a qualified Pro. Thanks for visiting Ask John and Dave.