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We frequently talk about the benefits of  CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs). CFL’s are an innovation in lighting that is widely accepted, but CFL’s need proper attention at disposal time because they contain mercury. While the amount of mercury in a bulb is pretty minimal it still merits proper handling. Here’s the bottom line, do not dispose of CFL’s in the trash.  CFL’s should be taken to a facility that deals with hazardous waste, like motor oil and automotive batteries. If you are dealing with regular residential disposal then your local Home Depot store will collect and recycle the bulbs for you. Commercial operations should find a private Hazardous Materials Company to dispose of the bulbs. These collection points and companies know how to properly handle and dispose of the waste.

Here is a link you can refer to for additional information about the proper disposal of CFL’s: www.epa.gov/bulbrecycling

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