Cooler weather means getting up and looking at the gutters and cleaning out leaves.  Invariably you will find a wasp or hornet’s nest tucked up in the eve or gable. You should have wasp spray close by. However, if you are spraying near an electric box or near the electric wires entering your house you run the chance of an electric shock when you use conventional sprays. You are creating a steady stream of liquid from your hand to wires and electric current. That stream can conduct electricity and zap you at the same time you zap the bugs. CRC™ makes a wasp and hornet spray that is non conductive so that if it is sprayed around wires it will not conduct a current back to you. You will not find it in the grocery stores. It will be in home improvement stores and hardware stores usually with the electrical supplies and tools not with the pesticides. It costs a little more but it is definitely worth the investment.